How an American soldier is made

Being unemployed for a while, I’ve found a lot of time to kick around on the Internet. One of the blogs I read, (a liberal arts blog) posted a link to a pictorial essay by the Denver Post that follows the life of a young man from High School Graduation through his enlistment in the Army and first tour in Iraq. The pictures were incredibly well done, and I thought I’d pass them along. I grew up right outside of Quantico (where the Marines are HQ’d) and my grandfather was a WWII Vet who was barely 18 (probably 17 actually) when he enlisted for what he called the Deuce. Ambrose’s Citizen Soldiers hit me about the make up of the citizen army of regular folks. Thought I’d pass along something I thought was pretty well done by the Denver Post and as “art” is compelling regardless of your political leanings.