“The law of the Ten Commandments has no power to accuse and frighten the conscience in which Jesus Christ reigns by his grace, for he has abolished its power. Not that the conscience does not feel the terrors of the law, but the commandments cannot condemn it or reduce it to despair (Romans 8:28; John 8:36). So then, however much we may be terrified by the law when it shows us our sin, we still do not despair, for we believe in Jesus Christ, and being baptized in him and cleansed by his blood, we have forgiveness of all our sins. When our sin is pardoned through Christ, who is the Lord of the law and gave himself for us, the law, which is a servant, has no more power to accuse and condemn us for sin since our sin is forgiven and we are now made free, for the Son had delivered us from slavery. Therefore, the law is completely abolished to those who believe in Christ.”

Martin Luther, 1531 Galatians Commentary (McGrath & Packer ed.) p.234