The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards displayed disgrace and grace. Kayne West illustrated “disgrace” and Beyonce embodied “grace.”

After Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video, Kanye West grabbed the mic from her during her acceptance speech. He humiliated her and made her feel like she didn’t belong there, like she was not welcome, and like she should be silent. Judgment disgraces you. Watch Taylor Swift shrink in dejection.

But Beyonce redeemed it. After it was announced that she won the top award of the evening—Video of the Year—Beyonce gave up her opportunity to give an acceptance speech so Taylor Swift could give the one she tried to give before the punk of disgrace ruined her great moment.

People have commented that what Beyonce did was classy. It was way more than that. Acknowledging Taylor Swift in her acceptance speech would have been “classy.” What she did was grace in action. She gave up her moment of glory so another could have her spotlight.

That’s what grace does.