Their story is pretty well-known by now: three sons of a traveling Pentecostal minister form a band with their cousin and hit it incredibly big in England. No, they didn’t ditch their upbringing entirely; in fact, they seem only to have jettisoned most of the moralism while holding on to the most essential and powerful parts of their/our faith. I can’t seem to get their new record (Only By The Night) out of my head. See below:

From an interview in this week’s NY Magazine with frontman Caleb Followill:

You grew up with religious music—you were forbidden from listening to anything secular. How big a part does religion play in your music?
We try to keep it separate from our music. I know I make biblical references, but the Bible has some great stories in it, whether or not you believe them, so I’ve always drawn from it. Everyone asks about our faith or religion, and I think we’re all sinners.

And then, from a recent feature in Q Magazine, where the guys talked about their favorite songs, Caleb chose “Amazing Grace”(!) and had this to say:

“No one will ever touch Amazing Grace. According to this, for every sin you’ve ever committed and every sin you ever will, somebody died. It’s like, ‘Keep being a sinner.'”