‘God’s beauty is delight and the object of delight, the shared gaze of love that belongs to the persons of the Trinity; it is what God beholds, what the Father sees and rejoices in the Son, in the sweetness of the Spirit, what Son and Spirit find delightful in one another, because as Son and Spirit of the Father they share his knowledge and love as persons…And the Holy Spirit who perfects the divine love, so that it is not only reflective but also evocative–calling out to yet another as pure delight, outgoing, both uncompelled and unlimited–also makes the divine joy open to the otherness of what is not divine, of creation.’

‘Human history is thus embraced from beyond itself, receives its meaning from an end transcendent of it, and so is justified not by any sacrificial or prudential logic of its own, but by grace.’

David Bentley Hart, ‘The Beauty of the Infinite’ (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2004), p. 177, 409.