This month’s issue of Christianity Today, the flagship magazine of evangelical Christianity, featured an article about friction in a major American evangelical denomination. The denomination is facing a declining membership and theological in-fighting. Some in the organization want to overhaul the way their churches approach ministry and have proposed a major re-think. The article observes:

A flashpoint between… opponents and supporters [of a change in strategy] was Seattle megachurch pastor Mark Driscoll. Though not a [member of this denomination], he has won a following among many [of its] young ministers and church planters, particularly those who share his Reformed theology. But Driscoll’s history of using risqué language, and the fact that he drinks alcohol and talks about sex, angers those who say his approach undermines his message.

There were five motions made against Driscoll, including a motion to have all [denominational] entities report any contact with Driscoll or the Acts 29 church planting network he is a part of. That motion was sent to [denominational] agencies for review over the next year, as well as a separate motion to ban any speaker who cusses or drinks.

Cussing and drinking? This list seems pretty short. I mean, if we’re going to go down this road, we should also list greed, lustful thoughts, putting your needs before those of others, pride, impatience, lack of contentment, partiality, and a failure to love everybody.
I wonder who is going to speak at this denomination’s next annual convention?