1. Bob Dylan has just announced his first ever Christmas album! The full tracklisting has yet to be revealed, but it has already been reported that “Christmas In The Heart” will feature at least one sacred tune, his version of Phillip Brooks’ “O Little Town Of Bethlehem”. It hits stores on October 13th and will benefit the charitable organization Feeding America.

2. Our very own Justin Holcomb posted an inspiring little anecdote of grace over at Common Grounds Online entitled “The Inverted World Of Grace”. I like to think of it as his tribute to the best show on TV right now, Friday Night Lights.

3. As a follow-up to our recent interview, check out the piece on Whit Stillman over at Slate, “When Preppies Became Yuppies”. Reminder: The Lincoln Center screening of The Last Days Of Disco happens tomorrow!

4. Finally, a remarkable story of addiction and recovery, from the least expected of sources, film critic Roger Ebert. I especially recommend the final portion, where he defends AA from its critics(!).