1. The results of a recent study posted earlier this week on medicalnewstoday.com, “Research Shows Temptation More Powerful Than Individuals Realize” (ht Jeff Dean). Reads almost like some kind of Onion/Mockingbird hybrid, the key quote being:

“People are not good at anticipating the power of their urges, and those who are the most confident about their self-control are the most likely to give into temptation,” said [senior researcher Loren] Nordgren. “The key is simply to avoid any situations where vices and other weaknesses thrive and, most importantly, for individuals to keep a humble view of their willpower.”

2. A truly wonderful little post by Ray Ortlund over at Resurgence on “How To Read The Bible” (ht Justin Holcomb). He opens by saying, “There are two ways to read the Bible. We can read it as law and threat, or we can read it as promise and assurance.” And concludes with, The deepest message of the Bible is the grace of God for sinners.” Yowza!

3. I had the immense pleasure of watching Trekkies 2 this week, and felt duty-bound to post this incredible clip:

4. And then there’s the trailer for Ricky Gervais’ The Invention Of Lying, which he co-directed and co-wrote. Talk about an illustration! (Warning: it gets a tad racy toward the end).

Be sure to check out Ricky’s blog for a look at his other new film project, Cemetery Junction (with Stephen Merchant!). And scroll down for a fine list of TV recommendations.