1. It’s hard to read Hebrews 11:13 without thinking about the movie Tron:

All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance. And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth.

That said, the trailer for the new Tron Legacy premiered at Comi-con last week to an understandably positive response. It looks like we’re dealing with a full-fledged sequel to the greatest movie ever made about the realities of Christian Spirituality (note: other than Xanadu and Clash of the Titans).

Other worthy trailers: Dr, Parnassus, The Box, District-9, Alice in Wonderland

2. Mockingbird’s favorite fashion designer/son of a LC-MS minister, Timothy Farah (of former Jack Spade, Thom Browne, and Brooks Brother’s Black Fleece infamy) has a new collection launching very shortly for Club Monaco. It’s getting a lot of great press and will no doubt be awesome!

Click here to whet the appetite: SwipeLife

Tangent: Tim was nice enough/part of God’s sovereignty enough to introduce me to my wife!

3. Sim sent us an article by Robert Wright (author of “The Evolution of God”) from this morning’s New York Times with the inspired title, “Take Me To The River (Or Somewhere Nearby)”. The tagline being, “Decades after his faith in God has faded, the author considers his longing to be born again all over again.” In it, you’ll find he discusses a lot of familiar Mockingbird material: Read Here

“Besides, it’s the sense of sin, the sense of human frailty, the deep Calvinist suspicion of yourself, that can keep the self-dramatization in check.”

4. One more thing: New Reformation Press is having a 10% off sale! It’s the best place we know of to purchase simul iustus T-shirts, and our favorite Rod Rosenbladt presentation: When Good Fathers Die, It’s Always Too Soon. If you like John Eldridge, Rod will take you to the next level!

5. You’re headed into the weekend. You need some (Loft classic) Christian disco, don’t you? “Stand on the Word” (1985) will do the trick for sure! All time re-rule: