1. The first images of Wes Anderson’s The Fantastic Mr. Fox were released last week! The trailer comes out next week… Stay tuned.

2. The Hill And Wood. First Charlottesville, then the world… We love these guys. Check out their recent performance:

3. An index of Jack Kerouac’s colorful (and funny) one-liners about cities and states, very much worth your time, among them “this New York world of telephones and appointments”, “overcommunicating America” and “California TOO MANY COPS AND TOO MANY LAWS and general killjoy culture. Then there’s this recent quote of his, unearthed by our favorite Kerouac scholar:

“The happy ending of the ‘Brothers Karamazov’, called dull and uninteresting by some critics, is not the laughing mockery of a great genius of understanding, but rather, it seems to me the admission that though human beings do not need ‘happiness’ they might as well be happy. This is like God’s gratuitous sunshine after a bad storm, and it is good. I say to these critics: ‘Don’t be assholes all your life.'”