Happy Birthday, John Calvin!

In celebration of John Calvin, I wrote a post for The Resurgence on his amazing definition of “faith.” Calvin writes: “Now we shall have a proper definition of faith if we say it is a steady and certain knowledge of the Divine benevolence toward us, which being founded upon the truth of the gratuitous promise in Christ is both revealed to our minds and sealed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.”

I love this quote because it has all the basics of the Christian message. First, it is about “God’s favor towards us.” The holy creator of the universe focuses his goodness towards me? That’s unbelievable and mind blowing. Second, it includes the “gratuitous promise in Christ.” This is a cool way to say that Jesus’ love for us is extravagant and overabundant. John 1:16 describes this as “grace upon grace.” Third, the Holy Spirit works this into our minds and hearts for us. Thank God that I don’t have to muster faith, but that God freely gives to those who ask (Luke 11:11-13).