It’s been a while since anyone at Mockingbird has talked about the link between theology and extraterrestrials. Too long. So here’s a web site you all may want to check out. I can do nothing better than give an extended quote from the first page.


I was in a supermarket recently searching for a brown mustard-and-conditioner in one. It was while I was reading the ingredient label on a jar of Gouldens Dry Scalp Formula that I looked to the children’s book rack and there spied the title “My Little Golden Book About God”….

You cannot imagine my horror, however, when my eyes met pages filled with saccharine, pastel artwork depicting cold-eyed androids that were clearly not of our realm. In a Beautiful Mind moment of schizophrenic clarity I saw the book for what it was: not a gentle introduction to life’s most profound curiosity, but a primer for the parasitic offspring of an invisible invasion!

For the safety of our race (if any still remain) I have translated this book in the hopes that a resistance may arise. Read the baby powder-scented Final Solution of our enemies from beyond, otherwise known as The Little Golden Book About Zogg.