From Saturday’s Birmingham News Religion section: Seeing through Christian lenses: Calera brothers lost their jobs in October but their faith burns so bright they had to sell sunglasses.

“God gave him a vision, he said. That vision was Christians wearing sunglasses. Ones that say “I love Jesus” on the sides and “John 3:16″ on the
lens, and have a cross above the bridge of the nose.”

“He thinks that people will want to share their faith while reducing their exposure to ultraviolet rays.”

“When you wear these shades, you’re saying you love Jesus”

“Those sunglasses are going to glorify Jesus Christ our Lord and savior”…”We love him, we’re proud of him. We want to say, This is who I am. Be proud to glorify Jesus and wear them in faith.”

Just in time for Summer. I’m ordering mine this week!