Hey Folks,
I have been developing a reading list (novels, devotionals, systematic & historic works, both light & heavy), dealing with some of the theology being discussed on this blog.
Do check it out.


Here is an excerpt that only Richard Simmons could lead us in a work out to πŸ™‚

The Righteousness of Faith According to Luther by Hans J. Iwand

“Then this law , this cycle “I” and work and conscience would indeed be broken and I could confront the works that wait for me, knowing that God’s judgment supports me, with the confidence of a master who commands his slave. Then I would act with the greatest freedom and confidence, knowing that no work that I do can decide my fate, my salvation, or my righteousness before God. That is precisely the heavenly gift that Luther finds in the New Righteousness; the freedom of the children of God who do work simply that it may be done, but who do not need to do any work at all in order to know that they live by God’s grace.”