After a discussion on snorting powder drink and the potential for maggot infestation of the nasal passages, Dr. Phil asks the eighth grader about controlling his own actions.

Phil: “What if you get back to school and your buddies are saying, ‘Hey, we got some alcohol over here at my friend’s house. Let’s spend the night, and we’ll do some drinking’?”
Sam pauses. “I might,” he says.
Phil: “Do you have the power or the desire to say no?”
Sam: “No, sir.”
“So what’s in your future? If you get a chance to get drunk, are you going to take it?”
“If you get a chance to smoke dope, would you take it?”

Christianity says, contrary to the world, that we have neither the power nor the desire to do good. The lack of will power is not with regard to vague actions but specific and precise things. It is about the lack of power and desire to say no to snorting powder drink or smoke dope, etc rather than the vague temptation of the world.