Gavin Hopps is one of St. Mary’s most exciting research fellows here at St. Andrews. His new book, ‘Morrissey: The Pageant of His Bleeding Heart’ is on the verge of release, and I thought the Mockingbird crowd might resonate with his approach.

From the review at the uni website:

Dr Hopps writes, “Being embarrassing is a positive feature of Morrissey’s art as it is in the TV series The Office – which alienates us even as it invites identification. This is of course a matter of comedy – like Les Dawson’s piano playing or Frank Spenser’s mishaps – though it also involves a defamiliarizing effect, which in tickling us encourages critical reflection.”

The book is the first sustained piece of academic research on the work of Morrissey and The Smiths, which explores all the major subjects in Morrissey’s writing – such as love, melancholy, monstrosity and non-belonging – and relates these to larger cultural and philosophical traditions.

It should prove to be a fascinating read, and, for what it is worth, Gavin is a seriously nice guy.