So, what do a 1970’s Finnish disco instruction video and Romans 7 have in common? Answer: Ryan Adam’s Halloweenhead!

This music video (as awesomely clever as it is) sort of masks what the great songwriter of our time, Ryan Adams, has to say about the human condition.

For those of you unfamiliar with with his art, Adams is usually described as an “alt-country” guy, a sort of mix between punk, rock and roll, blues, bluegrass and country – although in my opinion, his particular style transcends genre. Alt-country stuff also usually has some attitude (warning: this particular song includes a little vulgarity).

But, what cannot be missed in the songs of Ryan Adams, as is apparent in this particular selection, is the heartfelt angst that the songwriter feels over his inability, on his own terms, to direct his heart and mind to that which is good. Instead he finds himself with a “Halloweenhead”, full of tricks and treats, visiting, or at least wanting to visit, the places where “junkies meet”. In short, he finds himself in a similar place as that which the Apostle describes in Romans 7. That is, wanting to do right, but instead doing wrong.

We as Christians often find ourselves in this place. Who will deliver us from our “Halloweenhead’?

Thanks be to God, there is One…

Lyrics for Halloweenhead can be found here.