There was a great article in this weekend’s New York Times magazine about Conan O’Brien, timed to coincide with his introduction as the new host of The Tonight Show on June 1 (I can’t wait!).

Most interesting, and comforting, was this quote, from a man who was always very nearly being fired during his first few years on The Late Show:
“In entertainment, you have to to stake out what you think is right, you have to put out that signal, make sure it’s pure and then do it and do it and do it and know that they will come. And if they don’t, you have to pack your bags and say: ‘I enjoyed my time here. Sorry it didn’t work out.‘”
As someone who is currently planting a church ( – shameless plug), these words come as pure grace to me (I’ll be keeping them in my wallet:). It is not my job to be a salesman, to figure out what people want and give it to them, but rather to proclaim what is true and beautiful and good (the Gospel), in the best and most authentic way I know how, and trust God for the rest, be it “success” or “failure.”