From David “Pink Tie” Brooks at the NY Times:

Socrates talked. The assumption behind his approach to philosophy, and the approaches of millions of people since, is that moral thinking is mostly a matter of reason and deliberation: Think through moral problems. Find a just principle. Apply it. One problem with this kind of approach to morality, as Michael Gazzaniga writes in his 2008 book, “Human,” is that “it has been hard to find any correlation between moral reasoning and proactive moral behavior, such as helping other people. In fact, in most studies, none has been found.”

This is basically another way of saying that the Law does not produce what it commands. Or that exhortative sermons don’t work. Or that Christian bookstores will not solve your problems. Or that nagging the person you live with is a failed project. Which is why we need a Savior. Think about that the next time you feeling like giving advice.