There are just some days when things just seem or are pretty bad. And then, almost out of the blue, someone–your husband–says, “Hey, you should listen to this Bill Mallonee song”–almost out of the blue…you are married to a Bill Mallonee Uber Fan. And you think, “I guess, I mean he says this all the time.” So, you do listen. And you hear the beautiful message of Easter and you know that you are not alone, that this isn’t permanent, and that you are forgiven and that there is hope that you can forgive and be forgiven by others. You hear love. And, just like that, the day is just that less bad. And you love that Uber Fan all the more.

Coming Out of Hiding

To find the lyrics on the MySpace page, look in the bottom left portion of the window (in the section “Work Progress Administration: General Info”).