1. That Phil Spector lost his case came as no surprise to many of us. Still, as a long-time Spector fan/fanatic, the whole thing has hit me rather hard. Let us not forget that in 2002 he told a reporter, “to all intents and purposes I would say I’m probably relatively insane, to an extent…I have devils inside that fight me. And I’m my own worst enemy.” The best segment I’ve seen on it is here.

1a. Oddly enough the news arrived the same week that the long-awaited Beatles reissues were announced (due 9/9/09) and one day before George Harrison finally got his Hollywood Star. I consider All Things Must Pass not only Harrison’s greatest achievement, but Spector’s as well.

2. Go over to Confessing Evangelical to read a flattering and insightful response to our very own Jacob Smith.

3. Inspired by Susan Boyle, I’ve spent much of the week abreacting to the pure 200-proof Law/Gospel of Les Mis. You have to admit, Sean Connery makes a pretty great Jean Valjean…

4. This week’s Mockingbird Meeting tackled the worthy subject of Batman (aka the fictionalized Michael Jackson – unbridled self-deification flowing out of a profoundly traumatic childhood). Say what you will about the Joker, but his take on human depravity and the bondage of the will are undeniably more Mbird-friendly than Batman’s.

Late-edition 4a. Bono’s NYTimes Easter column is worth a read.