1. Maybe it’s because it’s so nice out, or maybe it’s because we completely forgot to mention his fantastic Conference talk in our recent newsletter, or maybe it’s because his Good Friday and Easter sermons were so inspired, but we urge you to check out the following write-up over mardecortesbaja.com.

1a. Supplied by above preacher, here’s an another priceless quote from Thornton Wilder. From his one-act play “Pullman Car Hiawatha”, the following comes out of the mouth of (the character of) Robert Louis Stevenson:

“There is so much good in the worst of us
and so much bad in the best of us,
that it ill behooves any of us
to criticize the rest of us.”

2. The Onion reports this week, “God Makes Surprise Visit To Local Church” and asks, rather brilliantly, “Should We Be Doing More To Reduce the Graphic Violence In Our Dreams?” [Warning: it gets a bit bloody, in a surreal way.]

3. Some exciting self-promotion: Jacob Smith’s post about A Theology OF The Cross Vs. A Theology ABOUT The Cross has legs – it was chosen as last week’s blog-post of the week by the highly respected theology radio show Issues Etc! At about 3 minutes in host Todd Wilken gives the plug. Congrats again, Jake!

4. In other radio-related news, courtesy of Andrea Zimmerman, be sure not to miss last week’s episode of This American Life entitled, “This I Used To Believe”. Andrea sums it up perfectly:

“Act two of this piece is a perfect example of Christian apologetics backfiring. The girl in the piece [whose good friend had just tragically died of cancer] gets such an earful from the [Christian] football coach – including being told that her logic is the same as Hitler’s! – that she tells Ira Glass that he is more loving to her than the coach who was trying to convert her. This girl wants to believe in God and she really tries to hear what the coach is telling her… I can’t believe she stuck around so long. I wonder what would happen in situations like this if Christians just listened instead of spitting out jargon and judgment.”

4a. Mitchell Hurwitz’s animated follow-up to Arrested Development, Sit Down Shut Up, debuted this week. Initial reviews have been mixed to negative, which I sadly have to agree with. Let’s hope this one’s a “grower”! Fortunately the same cannot be said for Parks And Recreation, which so far has been way outshining it’s older sibling, The Office. And HBO’s Grey Gardens was almost as charming as the documentary itself (Drew Barrymore – who knew?!). Finally, I haven’t heard much about the Caprica dvd yet – has anyone seen it?