On my way back from NYC I was rocking out to the new U2 album, trying to stay awake, and got stuck listening to this song over an over again. It made me think of Steve Paulson’s – and the Bible’s – words about death and resurrection, forgiveness of sins, and Jesus saying, “Go home” to the healed paralytic. Apparently Bono was thinking about this too (or alternatively, perhaps he just has a lot of problems with technology in his life). Either way I could relate.

Footnote: This song immediately follows the track “Moment of Surrender” in which Bono says, “I’ve been in every black hole, at the altar of the dark star. My body’s now a begging bowl that’s beggin to get back to my heart…to the rhythm that yearns to be released from control.

Unknown Caller

Sunshine, sunshine
Sunshine, sunshine

I was lost between the midnight and the dawning
In a place of no consequence or company
3:33 when the numbers fell off the clock face
Speed dialing with no signal at all

Go, shout it out, rise up
Escape yourself, and gravity
Hear me, cease to speak that I may speak
Shush now
Force quit and move to trash

I was right there at the top of the bottom
On the edge of the known universe where I wanted to be
I had driven to the scene of the accident
And I sat there waiting for me

Restart and re-boot yourself
You’re free to go
Shout for joy if you get the chance
Password, you, enter here, right now

You know your name so punch it in
Hear me, cease to speak that I may speak
Shush now
Then don’t move or say a thing