Christian Salt Introduced

After reportedly tiring of hearing chefs on television recommend kosher salt, a retired barber has introduced Blessed Christians Salt, which is sea salt blessed by an Episcopal priest. What to you think?

Young Woman
Systems Analyst
“Great, now I can go to hell for eating the wrong salt.”

Young Man

Cameron Benoy,
“Blessed or not, I don’t care. God made bland food for a reason.”

Black Man

Mike Prussman,
Apartment Maintenance
“This just might pave the way for my Lutheran hot dogs.”

My comments: 1) It’s a good thing it’s an Episcopal priest, so the blessing really counts. 2) I would give almost anything to be that priest. 3) I eat so many hot dogs already, the moral license (just kidding, you pundits!) that Lutheran theology offers is the last thing I need. 4) A guy in my congregation just got cast as a news anchor for The Onion News Network!

Here’s the link to the original. As always when clicking around on The Onion, watch for hilarity, potty-mouthedness, hilarious potty-mouthedness, and potty-mouthed hilarity.