1. Michael Jackson has just announced 50 dates in London. He’s claiming THIS IS IT, as far as live performances are concerned (at least in London). The pre-sale for the first ten shows set a record for fastest ticket sales of all-time. In other news, yours truly has a 30th birthday coming up… You can watch the press conference here – is it just me or does his voice sound a little lower?

2. The 60 Minutes story of a woman who had identified the wrong man in a rape case nearly 15 years ago. When DNA-testing revealed the real culprit (11 years after the fact), the innocent man was released from jail and met his accuser. The video is long, but if you can make it to the 10-minute mark, you will hear an absolutely incredible account of guilt and forgiveness.

3. A fascinating article about a semi-Chris Brown/Rhianna-related attempt to legislate date violence. John Stamper wisely notes, “all the grownups quoted in the piece are convinced that, with just some clear advice, a good instruction manual, people will fly right. The only dissenter was a boy in high school who observed: “… some people think they’re in love, and they won’t listen no matter how many people tell them it’s a bad relationship.

. For this week’s Mockingbird At The Movies column, check out Jerry Lewis, Frank Tashlin and God (Oh, My!) over at the supremely edifying film site/blog mardesdecortesbaja.com. The author is a true aficionado and in my mind, a walking combination of his three subjects.

4a. Speaking of nerds, having long lived on the outskirts of sci-fi, I find it one of the more endearing, not to mention hilarious subcultures around. In tribute to the greatest Late Night host ever, albeit with a slight raunchiness warning:

Bonus: We don’t normally do this on here, but considering his recent guest appearance on Battlestar Galactica (as Starbuck’s father and possible long-lost Cylon Daniel), we wanted to wish Mockingbird’s own Sean Norris a very happy 30th birthday! It was yesterday, and we hope it was a frakking good one.