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Primarily, just because it’s Monday, and who doesn’t need a laugh on Monday.

Secondarily, I think this comic drives home a good point, although a point probably not intended by Mr. Pastis. Here, Rat intends to “help” Pig with his rather co-dependent love letter–I doubt Rat intended the comical result, although I’m sure he was quite pleased! Rat’s message was simple: make bold some words to really communicate what you are feeling. Some of us might have taken the words, “complete”, “ever”, and “are”, to name a few, to make bold. However, Pig doesn’t do this. He selects, “You,” “break,” and “wind.” The first thing your eyes read, when the letter reaches Pig’s girlfriend, Pigita, is the sentence, “You break wind“. Good job, Pig…Your message of love became lost in your botched attempt to make it “more”.

And this brings me to my point–again, probably not Mr. Pastis’: is the message of the Cross, the simple proclamation of the Cross being botched in our attempts to make it “relevant”, “fancy”, and “appealing”? Richard B. Hays, in his commentary on First Corinthians (1:18-31, specifically), writes,

“Wherever we find Christian faith presented in slick, high-tech, high-gloss images, as though it were a product to be marketed, we should ask ourselves immediately whether the gospel that is being proclaimed here is the word of the cross or whether it is some form of human boasting through image manipulation” (37).

In our attempt to proclaim the gospel, the Cross, Christ crucified in modern and tangible ways, are we, instead, saying something different? Are we pointing to something other than the Cross–albeit unintentionally? Is it possible for the proclamation of the Cross to become lost with too much human meddling? Are we leaving people with a good laugh, an interesting story, a neat parallel, rather than the Cross and their dire need for it?

I just wonder…In my attempts at proclaiming, “Christ, very God of very God, was crucified in your, our, stead because you, we, were/are unable to keep the Law”, I might just be saying, “You break wind“.