Following up on a couple of posts from last week, one about Joss Whedon’s new TV series, Dollhouse, the other about the absurd amount of commercials on television, there’s an article in this morning’s NYTimes about how Fox is doing an experiment they’re calling “Remote-Free TV”, in which commercials are limited to sixty seconds at a time and ten minutes per hour, as opposed to the usual eighteen. Any guess as to which TV series will serve as the guinea pig for this bold endeavor? That’s right, Dollhouse!

So, the lesson here is two-fold:
1. Keep it up Mockingbirds, we’re getting through!
2. Watch Dollhouse and you will not only be entertained, you’ll also be helping to save television:)

PS – I think that the WW2 Churchill poster at right is amazing, but it is hard to imagine anything more completely antithetical to everything Mockingbird stands for. Discuss.