Hey everybody! So here’s a little fun DZ and I cooked up that will attempt to entertain as well as generate some good discourse. We each wrote a gospel-oriented music trivia question that deals with musicians that everybody’s heard of. Use the comments to answer. While each question has only one main answer, they are somewhat geeked-out, so feel free to answer on multiple levels pertaining to the different references. Additionally, for extra fun on this first installment, see if you can guess who wrote which question. And this is by no means a set format, so let us know if you have any cool ideas!

Question 1:
Which Silverado-inspired music video prominently features the extensive crucifix collection of its singer, who grew up teaching Bible classes at his local Pentecostal church, 3-8 times/week before moving to the other side of the country to earn his living smoking cigarettes?

Question 2:
What son of a conservative Catholic father and Episcopalian mother came to popularity with his seemingly reactionary art and persona with the help of a now classic 1996 cover, half-penned in the early ’80s by a frequent British Bob Dylan-collaborator of the ’80s and ’90s?

(not actual parents of the artist in question)