Earlier this month, the Japanese Finance Minister, Shoichi Nakagawa, appeared at a press conference during the G-7 summit in Rome. He was wasted. Hammered. Three sheets to the wind. Plastered. Drunk as a skunk. I mean, wasn’t even able to come close to acting even remotely sober. Worse than Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman. Watch the clip and be astounded:

Dave’s last post about self-serving Lenten disciplines made the point that few such disciplines actually introduce real suffering in our lives. Mostly, these “disciplines” are about personal self-improvement projects. If we really wanted to suffer, Dave pointed out (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) we would do things like stop brushing our teeth or overdraw our checking account. Now we can add “Hold a major press conference in an international setting while completely intoxicated” to the list.

Watching this clip reminded me of the phrase in the Anglican prayer of confession: “there is no health in us.” Heavy stuff. But this clip proves it. If someone in such a position of power could be enslaved to something that totally destroyed his career and reputation, the human problem must be pretty bad. I think Archbishop Cranmer was right. There is no health in us.
PS–Nakagawa resigned in disgrace but blamed the gaffe on some cold medicine and jet lag. Sounds like he hasn’t yet reached a place where he can call a spade a spade. Wonder what it will take for him to hit bottom.