I’ll say upfront that I’m not sure what this post has to do with anything.

During the nearly ten years that my wife and I have been married, we have had cable television for a grand total of about a year, in about four small installments, usually around particular events (the Olympics, the birth of our second child, etc.). I say this not to our own glory (or shame), but simply because it’s true. We are cheap and have no self-control.

A couple days ago, we got cable again for a Super Bowl party. I thought we might keep it for a while, especially as we head into the bleakest part of winter in NYC.

However, after having had it for about a week, I must say that, in my humble opinion, cable totally sucks.

There is literally never anything on. Except for commercials.

The reason that I have genuinely lost interest in cable is because of the internet and Netflix. After spending the last couple of years watching all of my favorite shows (Lost, BSG, Mad Men, Conan, 30 Rock, The Office, Weeds, etc…) on my computer legally, for free (on TV network internet sites) and with limited commercial interruption (do you know that fully 19 minutes out of every television hour is commercials!!) I have no patience for TV the old-fashioned way. Plus, now that you can stream thousands of movies (how I watched King of Kong, Man on Wire, Malcolm X) through Netflix for free (with at least an $8.99/month DVD rental plan), there’s almost always something (good) to watch.

“But,” some of you (mainly guys) will object – “what about sporting events? You can’t stream those!” Au contraire! Between espn360.com and myp2p.eu I have not missed a single sporting event that I really wanted to see. The quality ain’t Hi-Def, but does it really matter?

In the end, all I really want to say is that, if you’ve ever thought about a cable-free existence (and having an extra $100/month or so), but weren’t sure whether you could do it, it’s totally doable. For me, it’s actually preferable. Just thought I’d share:)

PS – I am not a paid endorser for either Netflix or ESPN, although I’m open to the idea.