We are entering Week Four of the New Year and the time when people should be giving up or failing at their New Year’s resolutions…but did they ever begin? Last year I proclaimed my resolution on this blog in response to the abundance of over-achieving and strong-willed resolutions that surrounded New York’s Wall Street Culture. I was anxiously awaiting this year’s pronouncements and goals, but nothing every came. This year, it seems like no one has any resolutions!

–Only one person in my office is brushing his teeth at lunch (and even he isn’t flossing!).

–The gyms are no fuller than they were after Thanksgiving.

–The park is empty (busy on sunny days of course, but on the dark cold nights when only the obsessed marathoners and people motivated by resolutions are out there…all there is is crickets).

I will note that I am slightly comforted by the fact that the Manhattan Half-marathon is at capacity for this weekend, but I will be sure to check the actual number of finishers to see the percentage of actual finishers compared to those who signed up.

Have things gotten so bad in New York that people have even given up having resolutions?