The King of Kong and Man on a Wire have reminded me how much I love documentaries! Here are six others that I think are worth watching:

1. The Cruise (best movie about New York City, especially as it unwittingly relates to 9/11, not unlike the Wiz in that regard)

2. Sherman’s March (the world of 1970s bachelorhood comes to the South)

3. American Movie (what King of Kong is to video games, this film is to homemade zombie movies from the mid-west)

4. Unzipped (The Cruise of fashion, this movies says all that nobody can think of to say about the forgettable 90s)

5. Burden of Dreams (you won’t won’t believe what goes into the making of some movies! Kinski is beyond beyond)

6. Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains (dripping with Gospel, Demme makes a great doc! note: this one never makes documentary “lists” because its material is so sensitive)