As the search for true community continues, Sony promises to release “Playstation Home” by January ’09. Click here for a full (and terrifying) review. It seems that all of us want to be part of a real community. How is it that we continue to let cyber-reality pass as reality?

I am most frightened by the fact that my initial reaction to Playstation Home was, “Awesome!” Then as I read this article, I became more and more disgusted with myself and the idea that true community could be replaced with something fake – that instead of people interacting with me, they would interact with a fabrication of me.

To borrow Chris Haw’s words, “My heart is not value-neutral.” While this new social networking tool is value-neutral and claims that its purpose is to facilitate fun and games amongst friends who live far from each other, I fear that I would use this to replace real community, much like the way I tend to use Facebook to do the same.