I thought I would share a quote from “Our Town.” This is from a scene in Act II. George is about to get married to Mr. Webb’s daughter Emily, and they are talking about marriage.

Mr. Webb:

George, I was thinking the other night about some advice my father gave me when I got married. Charles, he said, Charles, start out early showing who’s boss, he said. Best thing to do is to give an order, even if it don’t make sense; just so she’ll learn to obey. And he said: if anything about your wife irritates you-her conversation, or anything-just get up and leave the house. That’ll make it clear to her, he said. And, oh, yes! He said never, never let you wife know how much money you have, never.


Well, Mr. Webb…I don’t think I could…

Mr. Webb:

So I took the opposite of my father’s advice and I’ve been happy ever since.