Dear Friends,
I write to you as the Board President of Mockingbird Ministries. I am thrilled to represent this vital ministry and to appeal to you for financial support. As an Episcopal Minister, I have served on many boards and supported many ministries and organizations. Quite frankly, my enthusiasm for Mockingbird is unparalleled!

What is this ministry that has captivated me? In the words of our gifted Executive Director, David Zahl, “Mockingbird is a ministry of relationships and resources based in New York City devoted to bringing the authentic Christian message to believers and non-believers alike. We seek to do so in creative and fresh ways, with a special emphasis on how the Good News speaks to those who are suffering—young adults in particular.” David works in a dynamic duo relationship with Sean Norris, our full-time Director of National Programs.

Mockingbird seeks to use anything and everything to demonstrate the truth of the Gospel—whether it be pop-culture, theological musings, insights from psychology, or articles in the Wall Street Journal—while remaining foundationally relational. In short, those who minister through Mockingbird want to love people, with no strings attached.

Although Mockingbird has a potent “on the ground” relational ministry to those in NYC, its scope is much broader. It serves as a connecting point for people all over the country, and indeed, the world. Our Mission takes many forms: one-on-one meetings, the weekly “Mockingbird Hour”, our Annual Spring Conference, the oft-visited Blog (4000 hits/month!), the nearly 500 copies of Judgment and Love that have been distributed, and our full-length Devotional book due out in early 2009, to name just a few.

Our annual budget is a trim $220,000. With almost no overhead, your money equals mission. Your gift directly translates into relationships and resources. Will you please consider making a gift to this vital ministry? Will you ask your church Missions Committee to include Mockingbird in it’s annual giving? Our need is real, as is our desire to bring the word of life to people in need. So much has happened in our first year and we are eager to see God at work in and through Mockingbird in the years to come.

You can give electronically via credit card by clicking on the “Donate” button in the sidebar to the right. Or you can send a check to Mockingbird Ministries, 61 Gramercy Park North, #103, New York, NY 10010. Or if you would like to become a monthly contributor (even $10/month is a huge help/encouragement!), you can contact Sean at, and he will get you set up. Thanks for reading and have a Merry Christmas!


Paul N. Walker