In response to DZ’s recent email concerning end-of-year lists, I thought I might kick it off with 5 unique sites that I like:

1. For those of us who struggle to read the Bible (especially when busy), I have found the Daily Audio Bible to be a great blessing.

2. Trying to find a reference for an obscure quote? You can’t beat Google Book search!

3. Victor Niederhoffer is a rather gifted statistician and hedge fund manager. His fund absolutely skyrocketed in the 1990’s, only to lose $139 million by mistakenly taking a bullish position in the Thai stock market in 1997. He came back, but the credit crunch has wiped him out for a second time…talk about a theologian of the cross! Despite his ups and downs, he takes a unique approach to finance and is a real breath of fresh air if you are the kind of person who enjoys reading articles about things like the relationship between music, perfect pitch, and stock market undulations.

4. I check this site out once in a while to see what is new on the theological front…consider it the Cliff’s Notes for modern theology. I think the host is a Barthian who sympathizes with Neo-Orthodoxy, both of which make it an interesting read.

5. Hands down, the best site in the world!