Tonight we will be looking at a few clips from Sam Raimi’s masterpiece Spiderman 2 (2004) which, in the words of Roger Ebert (with whom I agree) is the “best superhero movie since the modern genre was launched with Superman (1978).”

For our purposes, Spiderman 2’s genius lies in its depiction of the destructive power of judgment and expectation (the Law, in theological/biblical terms) as well as how the disconnection and dis-integration of action and desire in people’s lives leaves them unable to do anything of value.

Succinctly put, Spiderman 2 demonstrates the Apostle Paul’s observation that, for action to be truly good (Godly), “love must be genuine” (or, in other translations “without hypocrisy” (Rom 12.9)) and that any action, no matter how good it may seem outwardly, is worthless unless motivated by genuine, heart-felt love (1 Co 13), the kind of love that only comes “because He first loved us” (1 John 4.19).

So, for all those of you who feel burned out and beaten down by constantly trying to “do the right thing” (Spike Lee) without ever really feeling like it (i.e. everyone, especially me), come reconnect to the unconditional love of God tonight and be inspired once more (I hope:) !