Tonight at the Mockingbird Hour, we’ll be looking at Lars and the Real Girl (2007), a dramatic comedy for which Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, Half Nelson) was nominated for a Best Golden Globe.

The distinctively Christian aspect of the movie is its honest look at the human condition and its depiction of the transformative power of love, aka acceptance, aka non-judgment.

Ryan Gosling plays Lars, a deeply wounded, delusional young man who acts out his fear of relationship by purchasing a full-size mannequin with which he form a serious (and Platonic, thankfully) bond. When confronted with the shock of this situation, his family and community (even his church!) eventually decide to accept it in the hopes that Lars will come to terms with his pain.

Although a bit idealistic, I have perhaps never seen a movie which so beautifully encapsulates the scandalous love and acceptance which marked the Kingdom of God that Jesus proclaimed and embodied.

I hope that you can join us this evening!