It turns out that Dylan’s Tell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series Vol. 8 is even better than I had expected. And I had expected a lot, as it covers pretty much my favorite period of Dylan: Oh Mercy through Time Out Of Mind and Love And Theft. People often talk about Dylan’s songs from this period being “God-haunted” and nowhere is that more true than on his jaw-dropping contribution to the Gods And Generals soundtrack, “Cross The Green Mountain”. Perusing youtube I was surprised to find out that he made a video for it! And though it cuts out the final eight(!) verses, it’s still worth a viewing, as it features what has got to be Dylan’s strangest get-up of all time. Seek out the full version on itunes, you won’t be sorry.

I’m especially fond of the part where he mouthes the words “my merciful friend” – whoever that may be… wink wink: