In this morning’s New York Times, there’s an interesting article about the origins of the Serenity Prayer. The version most often quoted is, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.” This prayer has become a cornerstone of many 12 step programs, and a few years ago I heard an elderly gentleman recite the “long version” which I’ve attached below – – striking….

God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time;

Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.

Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it.

Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;

That I may be reasonably happy in this life,

And supremely happy with Him forever in the next.