There’s an interesting new show this summer on A&E called “The Cleaner” starring Benjamin Bratt. My interest in it was sparked when I saw the tag-line for it on a billboard as I drove into Manhattan. It read: When your only hope is someone who’s been there before.

I thought, “I have to find out what that show is about.” When I did I only grew more interested.
Here are some excerpts from the description off of the website:
Each week THE CLEANER follows Benjamin Bratt as William Banks, a recovering addict who helps others get clean by any means necessary as he struggles to maintain his own rocky personal life.

William works week-in and week-out to bring addicts of all kinds to the point where they are ready and willing to get help and begin the difficult process of getting clean. With every success and every failure, William wrestles with his own demons through an unusual relationship with God. He’s a man caught between an unwavering commitment to his work, deep love for his family, and the ghosts of his own addictions. Bad for his personal life, perhaps, but these are the tensions that make William . . . the man you want by your side in your darkest hour.

Can you stand it?! The man you want by your side in your darkest hour!
Hopefully it will prove to be as interesting as it’s own advertising. At the very least it connects with the very real desperation of a culture full of addicts, and the need for “extreme intervention” from the outside.