A good friend of Mockingbird, The Rev. Alex Large, just sent me an email regarding the recent news surrounding New York Governor Spitzer. It just had to be shared with everyone.

This is from an article in the NYTimes about comments on blogs regarding Spitzer’s downfall:

“That any governor would be snared in a prostitution ring is stunning enough, many commenters suggested, but Governor Spitzer, the very man who built himself up to be the epitome of the fearless, incorruptible lawman, who pledged to bring ethics reform to Albany as the self-described Steamroller?

“This breaks my heart,” said one commenter, identified as Tom K., on the Times Web site. “I had hopes for Spitzer to finally break the long chain of corruption in politics. Why is it so hard for people to just be good?”

Another commenter, identified as Tom Conroy, had this to say: “Spitzer’s governorship, thus far, has been a case book example of the ‘Peter Principle’ at work. A hitherto successful public servant has stumbled badly, perhaps irrevocably, by rising above the limit of his own competence.”