The article in this morning’s NYTimes entitled Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat stands at the intersection of fashion, culture, and eco-political activism. It is also a perfect example of how quickly something that may have started out as a genuinely good idea–(relatively) freely chosen–can become codified. Like the first person who may have appreciated the Carhart jacket simply for its aesthetic value rather than its functionality, maybe there were some people who genuinely felt like City Life needed to be offset by “getting back to nature.” That freedom, like wearing a “Trucker Hat” without irony, is gone.

The Billyburg scene has changed, said Annaliese Griffin, who contributes to a blog called Grocery Guy. “Having a cool cheese in your fridge has taken the place of knowing what the cool band is, or even of playing in that band,” she said. “Our rock stars are ricotta makers.”

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