Did anyone catch(!) the recent NY Times article about Superbowl hero David Tyree?! I know I missed it when it was published a few days ago. But it’s an unbelievable piece – a straight-up conversion testimony! Two things come through loud and clear:

1. Adversity was the catalyst/means of his conversion. Speaking of his 2004 imprisonment for drug possession, Tyree says, “What looked to be the lowest point in my life ended up being the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

2. His newfound faith has produced a tremendous outpouring of love. Shortly after it happened, Tyree and his wife started a non-profit that counsels teenagers. One of these kids was quoted in the article, saying, “[Tyree] doesn’t come off like he’s a big football player… I think of him as my uncle. I just love him.”

Read the entire article here.