The Golden Globes were announced this morning, and I was excited to see that Daniel-Day Lewis won Best Actor for “There Will Be Blood”. All of the reviews I’ve read have tried to describe the dimensions of his performance (“volcanic”, “elemental”, “titanic” etc) but none have captured it. Probably because it can’t be captured – it was that good. Go see the movie, and then tell me what you make of the final scene. I know I’m still thinking about it.

Another thing reviewers have agreed upon is how good of a year 2007 was at the movies. So good that we’re tired; “Great film fatigue” I’ve heard it called. I was going to post a “best-of”, but then I realized that although I’ve been to the movies this year more than ever before, I still haven’t seen a number of films that everyone’s been listing (“Atonement” “Diving Bell” “I’m Not There” “Eastern Promises”). So instead of a “best-of”, here are my personal favorites of 2007:

1. There Will Be Blood. The scene where Plainview reveals, “there’s a competition in me” is the most profound thing I’ve seen on screen in a long, long time. If there’s a better description of the law out there, I haven’t heard it.
2. Margot At The Wedding. Some say Baumbach’s families are too “dysfunctional”, but I think he depicts the world as it is – in desperate need of redemption, on every level, often hilariously so. Jack Black will never be funnier.
3. The Darjeeling Limited. Completely underrated, even better the second time.
4. Ratatouille. Brad Bird rules!
5. Michael Clayton. Tilda Swinton’s slow descent into villainy is breath-taking to behold.
6. The Savages
7. Juno
8. No Country For Old Men
9. Once
10. Sunshine