We have made it past the first half of the first month of the new year, and gym attendance has already begun to shrink. So a post of encouragement to all you whose legs and arms are sore:

Since January 1st 1975, without missing a single day, the man known as “The Raven” has run an average of 8 miles on Miami Beach. The man is a human specimen and has the website to prove it! His streak is not the longest of its kind – it is not even in the top ten – but what distinguishes The Raven is that he is talking about hanging up his sneakers when he reaches 100,000 miles in March of next year.

ESPN did an amazing article on The Raven where they chronicled his streak and other streakers (read: people who have been running longer than he has). The overarching question of the article is whether or not he can stop. Does he possess the power within himself to change?! It appears that the only other people to quit have been forced to by factors outside of their control (heart attacks, etc). But the Raven claims that he will have no problem ending his streak once he reaches his goal.

So a toast… to healthy, long lasting habits and a better life! Of course, since running totally controls his entire life (for example, when not running the Raven sits at home and watches TV, careful not to participate in any strenuous activities for fear of getting injured and ending the streak), it might not be as easy as he thinks. But we shall see! Forest Gump did it, right?

One more quote from the article:
“Back in Miami, Kraft gives at least lip service to ending his streak on his own terms. At his current pace, the 100,000-mile mark should come around March 2009. It’s a nice round number and as good a time to end as any. Priscilla Ferguson, Kraft’s girlfriend of 10 years, has heard all about 100,000 miles, and pardon her if she’s just a bit skeptical. ‘I’m surprised he’s actually able to discuss ending it rationally,’ she says. ‘I just don’t think he will ever be able to stop. I’ve heard him call it a healthy addiction.’ Almost 33 years ago, Robert Kraft started running out of anger, pissed that a song he says he wrote made somebody else rich. When he ran, he was a little less angry. Maybe when he hits 100,000 miles, he’ll find the peace he has been chasing. “