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Lucid Absurdities: The Gospel and a Life of Meaning

Lucid Absurdities: The Gospel and a Life of Meaning

This one comes to us from the Rev. Aaron Boerst.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of the kind of inquisitive gaze that makes a person look like a confused puppy?

I have.

Everybody has at least one friend who, without warning and without frame of reference, bursts into a conversation with some ridiculous statement like a child wandering into the middle of a movie theater. A statement that makes the person saying it seem “out of his element,” you could say. A statement that on the surface—and in terms of the current flow of…

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Beneath the Pelagian Surface of Moana: A Conference Breakout Preview

Beneath the Pelagian Surface of Moana: A Conference Breakout Preview

Allow me to channel SNL’s Bennett Brauer (Chris Farley):

I don’t “read much” and I don’t
“look the part” I’m not
“seminary trained” or even
“theologically inclined.”

I don’t “know what ‘Pelagian’ means” and I
“don’t look comfortable in front of an audience” I
“sleep in my make-up” and
“also with stuffed animals” I guess I
“talk too much” and I
“sweat when I’m nervous” and I
“can’t remember names” because I’m
“too concerned with myself” even though I
“don’t bathe regularly” and I’ve
“let myself go.”

I haven’t “learned my lesson” my
“coffee hasn’t kicked in yet” I haven’t
“kept calm” or
“found my bliss” but I’m
“talking at this conference anyway.”

On the surface of things, Moana (Disney)…

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Chance the Rapper Wishes Jesus a Happy Birthday

Via this past Saturday’s SNL. Sublime:

Chris Farley and the Tragedy of Splitting

I just watched the trailer for the upcoming Chris Farley documentary and nearly bawled on my desk. His work was a huge part of my childhood and, for my money, there have never been better SNL skits than Matt Foley or funnier movies than Tommy Boy. What a tragic loss.

The trailer revealed that this poor man fell victim to what some have called “splitting”: the living of two lives, ever more separated – one an idealized, “super” version of self and the other a dark brew of one’s less admirable traits (what Paul Zahl refers to as “the boys in the basement”). Chris Farley always had to be “Chris Farley.” He couldn’t find a space to let down, tell the truth, not be funny,  and even as the expectations on his better self ramped up, the appetites of his shadow self increased in step, and finally claimed him. No one can be “on” all the time.

Chris was killed by the law of fame, and not God’s Law, but the lesson still holds. As long as we attempt to find approval and peace by living up to some unattainable ideal, we will inevitably split. The hope of the Gospel is that our darker self will be brought into the light, where it can be forgiven, loved, embraced, and integrated. Only grace moves us towards wholeness, a miracle which Christopher Crosby Farley never experienced.

The Office: Middle Earth

As we brace ourselves for the final Hobbit film hitting screens this week, SNL produced a truly funny parody:

For more along these lines, check out Stephen Colbert’s interview with Smaug.

Everything Is Not OK (on Parenthood)… the Bad Thing Is Already Happening

Everything Is Not OK (on Parenthood)… the Bad Thing Is Already Happening

Have you been watching the new season of Parenthood? This show continues to deliver the goods, which mostly come in the form of true-to-life suffering, chaos, loss, and grace, love, and peace amidst it all—very much in line with the Mockingbird conference last week in Charlottesville.

Spoiler alert! Don’t read on if you are a Parenthood fan but aren’t up to speed.

The most recent episode’s title says so much: “Everything Is Not OK.” It refers to the startling news that Kristina Braverman has received (I used to find Kristina’s character fairly annoying, but she has been endearing…

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Jesse Jackson Reading From 1 Sam-I-Am

Never Tell Tina Fey She's Crazy

Never Tell Tina Fey She’s Crazy

The lady is on a roll in The New Yorker. Her recent column, “Lessons From Late Night,” had more than its fair share of pithy wisdom. Number Nine in her list of “Things I Learned From Lorne Michaels” was particularly worth sharing. You figure out why, ht MCZ:

(9) Never tell a crazy person he’s crazy.

There were many times in my nine years at [Saturday Night Live] when I couldn’t understand why Lorne [Michaels, legendary producer of SNL] didn’t just tell people to knock it off. Eccentric writers would turn in sketches that were seventeens minutes too long, immature performers tried…

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