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Justice, Serena Style

Justice, Serena Style

She is not playin’, sports fans, even when she’s playin’. That’s what I have come to love about Serena Williams. She’s been one of the top five athletes in the world for years now, but she has never stopped being Serena. If you haven’t heard about the U.S. Open Women’s Final from Saturday in Flushing […]

"Cheaters vs. Rapists" - The Rise of "Shrill" in the American Sports Fan

“Cheaters vs. Rapists” – The Rise of “Shrill” in the American Sports Fan

Gosh, we used to just call it Patriots vs. Steelers. Likely back then, there were players on both sides who were guilty of breaking the rules, and of sexual assault, but we didn’t know what we didn’t know. So we just thought we were watching a football game. That’s what I chose to believe last night […]