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UCF Tries to Make Themselves...Just Like Me

UCF Tries to Make Themselves…Just Like Me

Are you excited for the Georgia/Alabama game on Monday? The one that will crown the 2018 National Champi…oh, wait. Apparently the University of Central Florida already claimed the 2018 National Championship after their Peach Bowl victory over Auburn (admittedly, the only team who beat both Georgia and Alabama this season). What are we to make of this? In one sense, it’s almost honorable: the school is celebrating a group of students who accomplished something remarkable and is even paying its coaches the national championship bonuses called for in their contracts. There is even precedent for this behavior: calling yourself a…

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Reynolds Price, In Memoriam

Reynolds Price, In Memoriam

The concluding paragraphs of the Southern writer’s obituary in last weeks NY Times were pretty striking: 

The undercurrent of Christian charity evident in Mr. Price’s previous work became even more pronounced in these and later novels, like “Roxanna Slade” (1998) and “The Good Priest’s Son” (2005), in which fallible characters face momentous moral choices. The deepening moral tinge, which some critics found too schematic, was rooted in Mr. Price’s Christian faith: he was an unorthodox, non-churchgoing believer.

“The whole point of learning about the human race presumably is to give it mercy,” he told The Georgia…

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Someone's Crying, Lord

Someone’s Crying, Lord

Fascinating little article in last Friday’s NY Times about the unfortunate castration and subsequent politicization of the gospel song “Come By Here,” known these days by its infamous anglicized title, “Kumbaya”:

One particular day [in 1926, down-on-his-luck musicologist Robert Winslow] Gordon captured the sound of someone identified only as H. Wylie, singing a lilting, swaying spiritual in the key of A. The lyrics told of people in despair and in trouble, calling on heaven for help, and beseeching God in the refrain, “Come by here.” With that wax cylinder, the oldest known recording of a spiritual titled …

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"Darth Federer" and the US Open's Nazareth

"Darth Federer" and the US Open’s Nazareth

I’m a Roger Federer fan. Usually, this leads to nothing more straining than a few hours spent watching tennis four times a year. Last night, however, went to another level. Federer played Robin Soderling (a Swede) in the quarterfinals of the US Open. When Federer came onto the court (immediately after Melanie Oudin’s emotional loss — more on her later), Arthur Ashe stadium was pumped full of — you guessed it — Darth Vader’s theme music from The Empire Strikes Back! Patrick McEnroe, in his pre-match set-up, even referred to Federer as “Darth Federer.” …

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