Grace in Addiction: The Good News of Alcoholics Anonymous for Everybody




Church basements are curious places. Playing host to the vibrant world of Twelve Step Recovery, they witness the sort of healing and redemption that would make those on the ground floor proud, and maybe even envious. Yet despite the Church and Alcoholics Anonymous both being in the business of bringing “hope to the hopeless”, the two worlds seldom seem to interact. Packed with vivid illustrations, good humor, and practical wisdom, Grace in Addiction attempts to bridge this divide and carry the unexpected good news of AA out of the basement and into the pews–and beyond! Recommended for anyone who has struggled with addiction (of any kind), knows someone who has struggled with addiction, or spent any time living and/or breathing.

*Not to be confused with the much shorter “GiA: What the Church Can Learn From Alcoholics Anonymous” pamphlet that Mockingbird published in 2010. That one was 30 pages–this one is 286!